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Best Practice

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  • Name: Confederação Empresarial de Portugal - CIP
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    In a constantly evolving business world, CIP, recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion for the sustainable success of organisations, has decided to launch The PROGRIDA Project. PROGRIDA is the proactive response to the need for companies to ensure more equitable and diverse leadership; the project that promotes synergy between the two levels of female leadership by creating a pool of mid-level talent (PROGRIDA) that guarantees solid and representative leadership at the top level. Their commitment is to continue promoting gender equality and creating a favourable environment for talented women to reach their full leadership potential. The PROGRIDA Project is not just an academic training programme, it is essentially a space for building connections and networking between the participants, mentors and women already in leadership positions. In short, a space for continuous dialogue with the business world that recognises and promotes the women leaders of the future. The objectives of the Progrida project include: PROMOTING the professional projection of the participants by developing an individual plan aimed at achieving their desired professional goals and encouraging them to rise to management positions. STRENGTHEN management skills, leadership and team management, strengthening competences in this area. Participants will experience and understand how individual talent can be maximised, as well as teamwork and a sense of belonging. DEVELOP communication and negotiation skills with different stakeholders. LEAD Visualise the company as a whole, understanding its strategy, new business models and its main transformation levers (e.g. digital, sustainability). POTENTIATE the participant's relationship ecosystem, creating, strengthening and promoting personal and professional relationships, not only in the direct environment of the training programme (participants and teachers), but also by building networks that enable relationships between participants, experts and companies/entrepreneurs.


    female leadership, training, mentorship, teamwork, network


    March 1, 2024 - None

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    Initiative/Practice/Project/Programme/Case Studies


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    Gender Training, Competence development, Networking





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