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Gender Equality in the Municipality of Cascais City

Best Practice

Best Practice

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  • Name: Câmara Municipal de Cascais
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    Cascais Municipal Council (CMC) has defined sustainable development goals for Cascais 2030. Goal 5 centres on promoting gender equality. Through this goal, the Municipality acts within the scope of gender equality, seeking to eliminate existing asymmetries by promoting equal opportunities for all. This includes dimensions associated with the right to health, equality at work, social policies and individual freedoms, among others. Cascais City Council defends gender equality by ensuring that men and women participate in all governance processes, benefiting from the same conditions of access to these processes or positions. Cascais City Council also promotes good citizenship practices, which should ensure the equal integration of women to the full, particularly in family life and in decisions at all levels of civil society. As global goals and objectives in this area, CMC specifically defines the following goal: Ensure the full and effective participation of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life. In this sense, CMC acts and promotes training and equality between men and women in leadership.


    ODS, Gender Equality, Municipality, Leadership


    Jan. 1, 2007 - None

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    Initiative/Practice/Project/Programme/Case Studies


    Power Domains:

    Political, Social, Economic

    Methods Tools:

    Gender Training, Awareness-raising





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